About Jay Francis

“From a young age, I have loved to make with my hands. I often found myself doodling geometric shapes on the sides of my paper in school and collecting things to make something new. My creative desire lead me to study a Bachelor of Fine Art, majoring in gold & silversmithing. Here I worked with metal for the first time, and loved it! During my studies, I recognised my appreciation for objects – both natural and man-made. I love that objects can be sentimental, visually pleasing and precious to touch. I love that jewellery allows us to wear these objects.

One of my favourite places to be is in my studio where I make. I am inspired by shape and structure when I design. The arrangement of parts, patterns, and the lines that my eyes follow in my surroundings, influences what I put on to paper, following through into my jewellery, and it is so rewarding seeing that come to life.”