Joshua Searle

STOLEN GOLD in Monochrome
19 February – 10 March 2024

Shown in conjunction with ‘STOLEN GOLD’ (Flinders Hotel), ‘STOLEN GOLD in monochrome’ expands on the more literal gold explored in the former.

With a broad socio-political subject, this exhibition is stripped of colour and painted in black and white. Reduced to their barest line work and direct messaging the works explore the metaphoric ‘gold’ stolen through colonisation.

These monochromatic works bring us even further into a reduced set of commentary on our current society, and where the artist sits in the world, how he sees and what he feels. It is socio-cultural but also deeply personal, and we are fortunate to be given a view into the artists mind and its reflections of the past and contemporary world.

Curated by Emily McCulloch Childs for Flinders Fringe Festival 2024.