About Sally Joubert

Sally was born in Melbourne, Australia. Completed her Diploma in Graphic Design at Swinburne in 1980. She travelled to Japan and Europe from 1983-1985 working as a designer in London before embarking on a tour of the Continent, which included 4 months in Florence where she began her painting career.

After returning to Melbourne, Sally pursued her painting and life classes, found herself a studio and has been painting full time and exhibiting annually since 1991.

There have been return trips to Italy and a year spent in New York with her young family where she gained insight into other artists and inner city urban lifestyles which she has since translated onto canvas.

“Each painting is done in oil on canvas or board with a palette knife and is an individual story depending on how I feel the subject would be best portrayed. Which in turn brings about a uniqueness to each and every canvas. Im just as happy doing figurative work as landscapes and will often add a figure to a landscape to provide an added interest or human touch.”