Jennifer Buntine

Jennifer Buntine finds living in the pastoral landscape of Red Hill  a conscious decision to choose nature and the perfect stage setting for the creative possibilities of her art practice.  The original dairy overlooking her garden is the home of her printmaking studio. 

Art has played a significant role in her life and she was a member of Nancy Grant’s drawing classes at the Beaumaris Art Group for 20 years. (Nancy was a former member of the George Bell School) Jennifer studied printmaking at the Victorian College of the Arts and continues to explore and be inspired by the world of printmaking. 

Jennifer loves working with the medium of paper and her practice moves within two and evolving into three -dimensional paper forms.  She finds the fragility and strength of paper revealing of the transience of life.

Her current work is focused on the printmaking methods of monotype where each work is unique and also on linocut.  Working figuratively, she explores the human need for connection to others and the environment. Inspired by narrative, performance and the historic rituals we practice to give meaning to our lives.